Parent Teacher Interaction

Along with the teaching community, education is a combined endeavor of parents and society. The Institution has succeeded in developing an active organization of the parents. The school organizes PTM on a regular basis. It is compulsory for all parents to attend PTM. They can meet teachers and know the progress of their wards, if needed, may even discuss the individual problems of their children and put forward their valuable suggestions.

Training and workshop

The school lays great emphasis on training the teachers so that they can keep abreast with the changing trends in the fast growing educational system. The workshops and conference provide for exchange of ideas and resources, understanding of the depth of the curriculum and learning about the effective innovative teaching methods.

Parent Touch Programme

We are proud to say that IRA World School is considered as Home away Home with its special feature of Parent touch given by teachers. Parent touch is a personal support given to the students to realize their full potential in academics, sports, hobbies and personality development.

In IRA World School each and every child is considered unique in his/her own way. Hence the facilitators of IRA facilitate the situation for the child to grow comprehensively.

As the class strength is very limited, facilitators develop good support with each and every child and their relations get strengthened here.

The class facilitator not only takes care of academic development of the child in all the subjects, but also their performance in sports, hobbies, indoor games and personality development.

In this process of parent touch teachers keep in touch with sports, hobby and synergy department regularly to ensure the growth of the child in respective areas and problems faced by the child, facilitators maintain authentic documentation of the report every month.

We are happy to say that because of this Parent touch we are finding fantastic improvement in child??s overall development.