A great deal of importance has been given to creating facilities at all IRA World School. IRA World School is lush green campus which is a site to watch. The facilities available at the IRA WORLD SCHOOL meet international standards.

Classroom- All the class rooms are spacious and air conditioned with optimal temperature, conducive to learning. The classes are decorated according to the theme every fortnight. Entire environment of class become learning oriented. The walls of class become tablet for learning.

Sports- It is saida healthy mind is in a healthy body. At IRA World School we offer wide range of sports exposure to our children. Starting from outdoor games like Track and Field, skating, Cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton and indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess, carom and martial arts. School also has a state of the art swimming pool to provide training for swimming competition.


Maths Lab- The Maths Club has been introduced with the aim of making Mathematics fun for students as well as to develop their logical and reasoning abilities and the use of structures and numbers in the field of designing. It aims through various activities to help students grasp mathematical concepts better. The lab aims to strengthen academic interest in the field of Maths. Outcomes from this club are also ploughed back into the school math laboratory.

Computer Lab- School has one Computer Lab well equipped with latest computer hardware & software configurations. All the computers are connected to a dedicated server through LAN. The computer education is provided to all the students.

Language Lab- In continuing effort to equip students with proficiency in communication skill, the school has installed Language Lab. The school has been providing various platforms to develop and refine the students?? second language efficiency.

Biology Lab- In the biology lab, the students test their theoretical knowledge practically for its validity or truthfulness. In the laboratory, students are given opportunity to learn by performing practicals.

Physics Lab- Laboratories arehelpful in creating and promoting scientific attitude in the pupils. It provides a proper and congenial place for performing experiments and is helpful in developing a sense of cooperation among the students. The physics lab is well planned and adequately equipped.

Chemistry Lab- In this room, scientific atmosphere prevails and creates an interest among the students in learning new experiments. It is an ideal place for carrying out demonstration and various scientific activities. The lab is provided with an almirah and a number of drawers for storing instruments. It also has a black board and a sink.

Multi Purpose Hall - IRA World School hasan air conditioned multi- purpose hall of 250 seating capacity where various Literary and Cultural activities are conducted every week. Many workshops, seminars and training sessions are also conducted on various topics to provide an exposure to students.

Live Studio

Dance Studio- Adance studiois a space in which childrenlearn or rehearse. Dancing benefits a child's education. Through dance, children not only learn the benefits of exercising, but they also learn coordination, balance, flexibility, stamina, stability, memory and discipline.Research shows dancing boosts a child's self esteem. Dancing makes a child feel good and helps them gain confidence in their own abilities.

Music Studio - In all cultures, music has been an integral part of human life. Research has linked active music making with increased language discrimination and development, math ability, improved school grades, better-adjusted social behavior, and improvements in spatial-temporal reasoning, a cornerstone for problem solving. At IRA World School we understand the contribution of music in development of child. And provide training of vocal and instrument music.

Wi- Fi Campus- The world has become a global village and one can connect with entire world with just one click of a mouse. IRA World School is fully Wi-Fi Campus, which provides children expose to plethora of knowledge on their computer screen.

Canteen & Mess- Wholesome nutritious meals are prepared and served in an exceptionally clean and hygienic environment. Under the supervision of an experienced Catering Manager, care is taken
to provide a menu guaranteed to please all palates.

Transportation-IRA WORLD SCHOOL provides comfortable transportation to and from home. Students are not ferried unaccompanied without an adult. IRA WORLD SCHOOL strives to ensure that the transportation of students, to and from its campus, is next to none as it fully recognizes that every child??s commute must be comfortable, relaxing and stress-free

Security & Surveillance ? In today??s time security has emerge as a major area of concern for parents?? .IRA World School campus and buses are covered under CCTV Surveillance.

Medical Facility- A First Aid facility is always available in school, where a Registered Medical Practitioner take care of and provide first aid.

Drinking Water & Sanitation- IRA World Schoolprovide clean and purified drinking water facility. We have a special eye on Hygiene and sanitation for children.

Electricity Back Up- The IRA World School has 24 hours power back facility.